I’m now in China, visiting the China Agricultural University. I’m doing some teaching with some students who’re going to be coming to Portsmouth University next year/the following one.

It’s been a little different – teaching in rooms that have limited & patchy internet access; using Chalk rather than whiteboards (chalk has a lot going for it; easy to see when it’s about to run out, clearer, easier to write with, but really rather dusty!). It’s rather difficult teaching research skills with no access to journals etc., & web design, without being able to demonstrate live sites. Thank goodness for SnagIT!

I have, however, discovered that quite a few blogs (inc. ReadWrite Web) have mirrors in China, so that’s handy & I’ve got them all to set up blogs for their work – they already have Google docs, and Google Scholar has a Chinese version (with an English option!), and that links to ChinaCat, so perhaps I might be able to get the students to find some academic papers they can get hold of. (In English!)

I’ve just spent today visiting the Forbidden City & had fun getting home. Firstly we rather muddled up the subway map & went the wrong way at one point, then arrived at the last station in a downpour (which had started just as we’d decided we’d about had enough of the forbidden city). I’m not quite sure if the taxi driver didn’t understand us, or didn’t know where the hotel was, but he took a much longer route than they had before (still only £1.40 though!) [Photos in Flickr]

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