I’ve just installed the Google Chrome browser to have a play. A few thoughts so far: 

  • Though it is based on Mozilla, it doesn’t offer the option to create a Master Password; so, the option to save passwords isn’t as useful. (That’s the main reason I don’t use it in IE, I can’t have the master one). 
  • The interface is very clean & well, Googley. 
  • It knows I’m in the UK – so the options for default search engine (should I wish not to have Google) are UK versions of Yahoo etc.  And, it seems just about any can be added. 
  • The tabs are at the top … and the file menu – with the option to print etc., over on the right (a bit like IE 7)
  • It only offered to import bookmarks etc., from IE. Not from Firefox. 

I’ll try it for a while; I think that it might work quite well on the laptop, with its smaller screen, as it is very clean. More later, when I’ve tried it. 

Wikipedia’s got an overview of the technology behind it ( the incognito mode looks interesting), and Google have a comic book format explanation of its technology. 

(No idea how to change the default font, but they’ve picked a rather nice one) 


    2 thoughts on “Google Chrome

    1. I love google chrome – but I am missing all my firefox plugins. It is still a wee bit buggy at times – esp. when you try to use it with Symantec but it’s early days and I’m sure they’ll iron all these bugs out.

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