I’m working on the OLPC now. I’ve beenable to get it on line at home, though not at work. it’s got a range of inbuilt activities, the most exciting probably being the acoustic measure, which lets you measure the distance between 2 OLPCs. Shame I’ve not got another to test it with!

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that 2 fingered typing is easier than using them all. That said, for small children (the intended group afterall), they won’t have the same stretching problems they have on a regular keyboard.

I’m currently writing this in my kitchen, using the monochrome display which is very clear – despite the fact it’s very bright outside. I normally have to turn the display to  max to see it in here.  The display is pretty awesome – 1200 *900 pixels for a 7.5″ screen. I thought my tablet was good at 1400 for a 12.1″ screen.

The main problem  I’ve encountered (other than the speed and the mouse problems that are documented elsewhere) is the fact that it’s a US keyboard, so I can’t find everything. I  have just noticed the £ on the H key. The tilda still alludes me. There are 2 things that look like it, but they aren’t.

One thought on “OLPC getting going

  1. Found it! It’s on the opposite side of the keyboard to the UK location ( next to the 1).
    Still a little mystified as to what the two things that look like tildas & are on the right are … I’ve not got them on my UK Keyboard.

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