Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

Video: Twitter in Plain English

Common Craft have another of their Explanations In Plain English; this time it’s for Twitter. I guess I ought to watch it myself, and actually *do* something, rather than just having an account that’s pretty dormant there….


I’ve heard about Citizendium a few times in the last few days. Today was, however, the first time that I went to it. It’s founded by Larry Sanger – one of the founders of Wikipedia. The aims of the site are: * We aim at credibility, not just quantity. * Open to public participation¬ógently guided…

Massively Multilearner 08

Conference Website A useful day. This was the second of the MML events I’d attended. Schome Anna Peachey gave an update on the Schome project (which includes more than just SecondLife!) Some useful points – e.g. “Governance” both as learning & real (to work out prim counts, AUP etc). Much of final build (funding now…

Many Eyes

Another rather nifty visualisation tool. I’ve already pointed out Gapminder, and more recently, linked to maps representing a US view of news. In the past, I’ve also looked at some of the sites that present visual maps of the results of searches. ( Kartoo, Quintura [and Quintura for kids] and Touchgraph [which now has a…

6 Adobe AIR apps

ReadWriteWeb have a list of useful AIR applications. I’ve just tried the Google Analytics application – it’s useful. Perhaps a little fiddly to set up profiles, as it seems that I have to enter the username & password to set up each profile – even when I have several sites tied to a single login….

Final goodbye for early web icon

Goodbye Netscape Navigator… like so many others, I used Netscape when I started out online. Now, I tend to use Flock, Firefox and IE on a fairly equal basis. I’ve rather drifted away from Opera though….

Web App Charts

Top Ten WebApps. Several bloggers have pointed to this list of the top ten webapps. Carsonified did a straw poll of about 3,000 colleagues, friends and others round the world in order to create the list. While the top 4 are not in the least surprising; (Gmail, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook); the 5th was perhaps…