Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

The annual Horizon Report (pdf) has been published. They’ve produced a rather nice “Megatrends” diagram – looking at the main predictions from all the earlier reports (2004 – 2008).ng
I’ve skim read the current report – I think that the idea of “Social Operating Systems” will be worth watching; it seems to me to be a logical extension of where we currently are with things like Facebook; but data will be portable between systems, rather than tied to a system. They suggest that more professional information will come in, though I’d like to think that it will be possible to separate the two! I’d not really like it all tied together. I wonder how Sugar will tie into this…

Jude O’Connell has a link to a rather neat depiction of the technologies involved (and some of the people) created by Information Architects of Japan.

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