I really ought to be getting on with my marking, but I’ve just been skim reading
this post by Jenny Hughes on Graham Attwell’s blog, , and

Which, of course is in total opposition to the cultural myth called ‘education and learning’. How many parents (and the Daily Telegraph and Chris Woodward) be-moan the fact that ‘can’t get their children to pick up a book’ or ‘they never read nowdays’ or restrict access times to computers ‘because it’s bad for them’ and they ‘should be doing their homework’ and ‘you can’t tear them away from their screens’? Hmmm! When I was a kid it was ‘ Could you get out head out of that book and do something useful.’

How true!

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  1. So true!
    And what about the learning spaces?
    Another BIG issue. Everyone wants to say they are High Tech and are really into the Community and collaborative learning approach, and then most of the learning spaces are still not adequate to fit that. A bunch of chairs and tables in straight lines and rows is what we get…and maybe i shouldn’t be surprise but I just thing the entire system has to be re-thought and considered to practice, and not only at a (partial) theoretical level…
    I would like to see more social places, where learning relationships can develop in a rather informal and relaxed away, for instance.
    … still so much to do…
    But the challenge is good! 🙂

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