I’ve just approved a “trackback” (a post that was posted on someone else’s site referring to one of my posts). Curiously, he (or she) thinks I’m called “Longscorner”. But, it’s not just me that has the wrong identity. All the posts (which seem to be culled from RSS feeds) seem to have the wrong original poster identified. All link back to the original post via the “Read more” link.

I wonder where he’s getting the feeds from, in order to have so many (well, all those I checked) attributed to the wrong person.

2 thoughts on “Mistaken Identities…

  1. Kill the trackback. It’s a spam blog (splog).

    What it’s doing is automatically retrieving bits of blogs and producing blog posts citing it. You see the link and your bit of text. The names are all wrong because it’s just guessing.

    Nothice how every post looks the same:

    “xxx wrote an interesting post today on xx
    Here’s a quick excerpt

    Read the rest of this great post here”

    Sometimes the name and the blog title are missing.

    The blog posts are surrounded by Google ads. Linking to it will produce traffic and links elsewhere (eg. Technorati) which will produce revenue for the owner.

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