Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

… can a person keep up with.

To support the work I have been doing, over the years, (and, yes it is years) I have created accounts on assorted Social Network sites. I’m now realising the error of not keeping the original confirmation emails. I can’t remember when I first signed up to Facebook, but I can remember, that it was very soon after it had been opened out to users outside North America. There was virtually no-one else on it from Portsmouth. I just wish I’d got some evidence that I was “one of the first”. My account, was, I admit, more or less dormant until the last 6 months, but I had it!

I have pretty dormant accounts on LiveJournal, MySpace, MSN Spaces, etc.  Those on Ning see some action, with rather more on Eduspaces (through choice) and Facebook (through peer pressure!)

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