Searching For The Best Engine

Freedman in Newsweek, looks at the competition currently facing Google. He starts with a history of Google – commenting in 1998 word started getting around about a new search engine from a tiny company with a goofy name that sometimes returned more-useful results It was in Summer of 1999 that I was doing my MSc…

Elearning examples

Cathy More posts a list of some interactive eLearning materials. She’s included some of the CommonCraft videos that I like, as well as a range of (perhaps a little US Centric) other good examples….

the DNA of the Personal Learning Environment?

Graham Atwell posts a link to a long paper he has written about PLEs in general. In his blog post, he re-posts the comments he makes about reflection, the difficulties of getting students to reflect – and the fact that there is natural tendency to comment superficially on what the student thinks the teacher is…

Comparison of Free Bibliographic Managers

Useful table highlighting the features of various free bibliographic managing tools. At the moment, I’m tending to stick to a combination of Zotero – for its ability to capture information when working online, and EndNote – for the integration with Word etc….

Introducing EduGarage!

Blackboard officially launched EduGarage on October 23rd. This is a site that brings together all the developers working on Powerlinks for the assorted Blackboard products. It’s set up as a wiki, with forums etc. What I find particularly interesting is that they’ve announced it on the Blackboard blog, which is rather more feature rich (essentially…

What are "friends" – and what's it costing businesses?

The Guardian reports on research by Dr. Reader (Sheffield Hallam) looking at the nature of friendship, and how that is/ isn’t changing with the way that people are using Facebook etc., While they found that many users may have more “friends”, they still had the same 5 or so really close friends that the average…

Now reading.

I have just been experimenting with the “Now Reading” plugin, as a possible way of keeping track of some of the books that I’ve read. I’m not sure yet if I can include the reviews in the main blog, or if they have to stay as part of the library….