Month: October 2007

E-Learning Mythbusters #3

Barry Dahl raises the point that while we, as lecturing staff, may think that students *want* to be part of an eLearning community – and take steps to encourage it, perhaps they don’t. He hasn’t actually given the results of what the students actually think – which would be useful. I’m not sure that I…

Elearning examples

Cathy More posts a list of some interactive eLearning materials. She’s included some of the CommonCraft videos that I like, as well as a range of (perhaps a little US Centric) other good examples….

the DNA of the Personal Learning Environment?

Graham Atwell posts a link to a long paper he has written about PLEs in general. In his blog post, he re-posts the comments he makes about reflection, the difficulties of getting students to reflect – and the fact that there is natural tendency to comment superficially on what the student thinks the teacher is…

Introducing EduGarage!

Blackboard officially launched EduGarage on October 23rd. This is a site that brings together all the developers working on Powerlinks for the assorted Blackboard products. It’s set up as a wiki, with forums etc. What I find particularly interesting is that they’ve announced it on the Blackboard blog, which is rather more feature rich (essentially…

Now reading.

I have just been experimenting with the “Now Reading” plugin, as a possible way of keeping track of some of the books that I’ve read. I’m not sure yet if I can include the reviews in the main blog, or if they have to stay as part of the library….