I’m currently in Bulgaria at the moment; visiting the Technical University of Sofia. I gave a presentation today, looking at eLearning and Web 2.0. I’m not sure, though, that I got quite the right level, as few students had used blogs/ MySpace / etc – though several had used Wikipedia & YouTube.

That’s when I realised that perhaps I should have done the “Paper Blogging” idea that I read about a few weeks ago – and also the frustration of not having an internet connection – so having to have taken as many screenshots as I could before hand!

Getting the Slideshow embedded wasn’t as easy as I’d expected! Though slideshare gives you the HTML code, I found that it completely screwed up the formatting. The WordPress forums quickly pointed me to a plugin to enable the use of the code that Slideshare generate for WordPress.com. Initially I wasn’t sure that it had worked, as in the edit box, the code still shows… Now I’m wondering what’s going to happen when the post gets imported to my Eduspaces Blog.

2 thoughts on “Bulgaria visit.

  1. Cool. We want photos. đŸ˜‰

    My experience is that I always have to plan on not having internet, even in well-connected areas. That way I’m always ready for disasters – or finicky technology.

  2. I suspect that the best photos are going to be on the “real” camera … it’s been pretty rainy as well.

    As to the without the internet – I *thought* I’d got enough screenshots – just hadn’t anticipated the level of expertise – I was expecting more than one in the class to have read a blog!

    (Guess I should have remembered to bring the USB stick with Xampp on it & have installed a blog…)

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