VideoLectures and TeacherTube – both have pretty descriptive titles! TeacherTube is very much modelled on YouTube – it looks very much like it, it’s got the same ability to create playlists & have favourites etc (a feature that I miss in Google Video) From the site, though there isn’t any indication that they are linked. At present, TeacherTube seems to have a more schools (i.e. under 18 bias).
VideoLectures have very much of a Higher Education slant. It’s got the option to use Flash based players or Windows Media Player (embedded or standalone) – and for some there are powerpoint slides etc., to download. Some lectures also have a view that synchronises the slides & video. (It looks like those created by MS’s Producer for Powerpoint & might well be, given that it works best in IE). It’s a bit cluttered to me, and I’m not quite sure whether or not I’d find long lectures easy to listen to. On the other hand, the fact that there’s the ability to go quickly to a particular slide could be useful.
It’s supported by a number of agencies, including Europe’s Information Society, and Jožef Stefan Institute, Solvenia (so there are a goodly number of non-English lectures). The main drawback that I’ve found is the registration – it was nicer than TeacherTubes, in that there was no captcha to work out, but I’m still waiting for the confirmation email – so I can’t comment on the ability to create play lists etc.

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