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I’m giving a talk for the library tomorrow, about Blogs and Wikis. It’s really just to get them going to start to think about how libraries are using blogs and wikis.
I put the slides up in slideshare, but have just discovered that if you want to have links in a slideshow, the link needs to be near the middle. If you have a look at slide 7, “Warwick” and “Penn Tags” are both to short to be clickable (though in the full screen, it’s only Warwick that is too short)

It was surprisingly hard to find examples of UK Libraries that have blogs – I’ve found several lists, but though they have lots from around the world, the UK lists are thin on the ground. As it was, I only found the Warwick ones, as I guessed they’d have some on their system. As it is, Innovating Research was a very useful blog (though library related, rather than library per se)

I’ve put all the links in the Presentation on the “Libraries, blogs and wikis” page. The presentation, by the way, is just a trigger … it’s not meant to be all the information; I’m hoping we’ll get a lot from looking at the different examples.

2 thoughts on “Slideshare – a few issues.

  1. Emma,

    I am from the slideshare team. Actually the links work on the entire slide (and not just the center). However the right and left part of the slide has an area defined for clicking and moving forward (or back) to the next slide. Hence that masks the ability to click in these areas. This is a problem we have on our radars, and hopefully we shall have a solution for this soon.

    Thanks for your feedback.


    Amit Ranjan

  2. Thanks for the comment – I’d thought it was probably something like that. I’ve made a mental note for the future, that any slides that I’m planning to upload – to ensure that I centre lists of links, rather than bullet pointing them!

    Thank you for the feedback šŸ™‚

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