….or Will We Finally Teach that the Audience Matters? Christian Long makes useful points, in particular in relation to student presentations/ blogs/ podcasts – commenting

I suspect this is because our students have not traditionally been instructed in the ‘how to engage an audience’ side of the idea-sharing relationship.

He’s got some useful URLs to give guidance – it’s clear that many (probably me included!) need good ideas about how to prepare slides, so that they add to the lecture, but don’t negate the need to be there.
I have thought for some time that Powerpoint slides on their own ought not be enough to replace the lecture – i.e for students missing the lecture, they shouldn’t be “enough”. How, then, do I provide information – given that students may have a genuine reason for not being there?
I’m trying with one course to record myself – I’m not intending to go to the Rotunda and record things properly – that would take far too long, rather I’ll record as I go with the Laptop, straight into Powerpoint and use Impatica to compress. (Or, perhaps, capture with Captivate, so that I can grab everything, not just Powerpoint).
On a related note, there was recently an article in the Daily Princetonian about the use of technology – specifically students using Laptops and Lecturers (or should I say “faculty”) using Powerpoint. Tim Schamer gives his views of it – and several of his commentors have clearly had boring Powerpoint presentations – but they’ve not said what they’d like.

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