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I’d not heard of this particular journal before, but a post by Lilia Efimoava points to it. (The initial link isn’t working, but just select one of the others). The papers cover wide range of aspects. I’ve not read them all yet, but I have read Saper’s Blogademia – where he seems to be focussing quite a lot of the personal/ gossip side of academic blogs. As that’s something I’ve not really got into, I’ve tended to keep mine very much work focussed, I did start to wonder if I’m more typical, or if those he’s studied are.
Of course, as has often been pointed out before, “blog” is just a word; just as many people have diaries, many have blogs – the range of uses of both is massive!

Christian Long points to a paper that Fred Stutzman wrote. Stutzman puts a view more similar to mine, pointing out:

Because we gossip on the telephone does not mean all phone conversations are gossip; unfortunately, the notion pervades that all blogs are simply pulpits for one to spill mundane details on one’s personal existence.

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