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The Guardian’s technology section has an article on 3 different sites that allow users to upload photos and associate them with a particular location. While I like the way that Geograph has a UK focus (though you seem to have to know the OS grid reference, rather than the postcode as the Guardian article suggests), I really like the way that Whoopy works. (Luckily it’s in English, despite being Dutch)

2 thoughts on “Geo-Locating your images

  1. You can search by postcode on Geograph but its main focus is on collecting images for every 1km grid square. Thanks for the mention though!

    Paul Dixon
    Geograph Developer

  2. Thanks for the comment. I guess for much of the country, grid refs are more useful – I was just trying to find any photos near my house – for which I knew the Postcode, but not the grid ref! But, I agree, when we are out walking, I know the GR not the postcode. 🙂

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