The Webcast Academy

The Webcast Academy seems to be a site for educational webcasters. They have a range of information – both “how tos” and recorded webcasts. ONe thing that I found a little frustrating – after registering yet again for yet another site, is that it’s Drupal powered; now, I know that I’ve registered with assorted other Drupal sites in the past, and, in theory, once you’ve registered with one, don’t have to create yet another new login, you just login with … however, it wasn’t clear to me that I could; as it hasn’t been with many other sites. Those it has, I can’t actually remember which ones I have, so I still can’t share the same registration!
As a CMS – Drupal seems to be pretty powerful – I think that I’ve read that people are using it for developing VLEs – I can see why.

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