I’ve been having a look recently at Firefox 2.0 (despite deciding how much I like Flock) in part due to the fact that Zotero only works with Firefox 2. I’ve used Procite for keeping references in for a while now, but it seems that the University is keen to encourage staff to move to Endnote. I’ve started to have a look at it, and while you can’t import directly from a webpage, as ProCite can (but only if you have the web page open in a very ancient version of Netscape), I think that I could get used to it. It seems a bit easier, so less options to have to worry about!

However, both ProCite & Endnote are limited to the university system. That’s where Zotero comes in. It will let you export data in a format that Endnote can import (RSS seems the best from my albeit limited tests so far). One feature of Zotero that seems very useful, is that though all 3 of them can save the URL to the page, it’s only Zotero that can create a snapshot of the page – essentially by saving the HTML & images on the page (though not videos, but it’s a lot better than having nothing!).
A USB  stick with Firefox 2.0 / Zotero / MoinMoin (or similar) / Open Office could be a pretty powerful student tool I think!

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