I’ve just installed the meebo me widget – so that people can, in theory, chat to me via the webpage. I’m not sure how the firewall will cope, though it has let me talk to myself between the laptop & PC – which are on different parts of the network, though clearly behind the same firewall. (At least, I suppose it’s the same firewall!)

I will, of course, have to remember to login to meebo & out when I don’t want disturbing!

I drafted this post a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been sitting in the “draft” pile for a while. I’ve since decided that though the concept of meebo is good, the implementation isn’t ideal. The problem arises in that I have to go to the meebo page to login, and then to remember to leave the page open the whole time that I want to use it. So, I’m going to remove it from the side bar, as I just don’t think that I’ll have it working. (It also takes a while to load) The concept is good, just not feasible right now. If I were able to reduce it to an icon in the tray (much as MSN and other IM tools can be when logged in), then I might revisit.

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