WorldCat About a year ago I found a service called redGreenLight – which allowed me to create a list of books etc., and to link my account to the University Library – so that I’d know if we actually had the books that I was interested in. It would also create a correctly formatted bibliography – which could have been useful.

From what I can tell, though they are recommending WorldCat as an alternative, pointing out that it has more features than RedGreenLight did, so far I’ve not been able to work out how to transfer a bibliography – nor how I can create an account. I did search for a book, and found through entering my postcode that there is a copy at Oxford Uni (66 miles away), then quite a few more in the US – a few 000 miles away. I’ve checked – and that particular book isn’t one we’ve got. The next test was a book that I know we’ve got. That also found that the nearest copy was 66 miles away – though this time in Campden, rather than Oxford. There are, apparently, only two copies of The Weblog Handbook in the UK. Which I doubt somehow. Oh well, it is still in beta. They can but improve it!

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