Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

Kate Britt’s site, though I’ve not visited for a while, has a lot of resources for online teaching, especially those who are using WebCT. I found an idea for putting RSS feeds of academic journals into a course, using Bloglines. (Powerpoint). That worked fine – I’ve created an extra bloglines account and have populated it with a few journals. I’ll get it properly ready for the start of next year.

While in bloglines I remembered the odd “related feeds” I’d had for this site in February. If I’m not logged in to my main bloglines account, then I get Terry, Pat and Michael’s blogs, followed by a lot of knitting & crochet sites. . When I’m logged in, as I’ve got those 3 already listed, I’m not told about them again, so it’s just the knitting sites! Not quite sure what’s happening.

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