Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it


mySociety claim that they build websites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives. They’ve launched a competition to allow readers to suggest a site; was a previous winner….

Washington Post's left-baiting blogger is fired for plagiarism

Washington Post’s left-baiting blogger is fired for plagiarismDomenech, 24, had only been working for 3 days & made 6 posts, when the “blog for the majority of Americans” was closed, following evidence of his plagiarism in various student newspapers etc….

Campus wide e-Portfolios

Dave Tosh looks at some of the implications of setting up campus wide ePortfolio systems; specifically by the University of Nebraska. He points out that while they have said that departments and schools can customise their views, the same isn’t possible for students. A few weeks ago – in fact, just about the same time…

Device warns you if you're boring or irritating

New Scientist report on a device that consists of a small camera attached to glasses, and connected to a handheld device. In theory, if the person you are talking to gets bored, the handheld device will vibrate. At present the software identifies actors emotions 90% of the time, & other’s emotions 64%. The article didn’t…

Presentation as Conversation

CogDogBlog suggests when giving a talk … START WITH THE DEMO! — do not use 90% of the time for background, rationale, theory, reference, pictures of your kids, yadda yadda, get to the stinkin’ demo! Show us the demo! It’s something that I would fully agree with …… 2.0 – Revamp of website.

BBC unveils radical revamp of website. The new Website, which includes blogs & home video, aims to focus digital content around 3 main concepts “share”, “Find” and “Play”. It should allow users to have access to more archived material, via “MyBBCPlayer”, which seems to be the iBBC player renamed. I took part in the iBBC…


Anne Davies writes about getting students to reflect – and the fact that it’s hard to get pupils to start to reflect; that they aren’t used to thinking about what they are learning. Our journey of learning is so rarely discussed. That’s one of the marvels of blogging for me. People are doing that and…