Teens no longer watching TV According to an article in the Guardian, teenagers are now more likely to put the PC on when they get home, and head off towards MySpace, than they are to put the TV on. The current trend in the UK is Bebo, which now has 4 million users in the UK, of whom an estimated 1/4 are “highly active”.

Two years ago, prominent blogger Russell Beattie famously chose to opt out of LinkedIn (linkedin.com), an early precursor to Bebo, saying he was overwhelmed with personal data about people he didn’t know nor particularly cared to know. But what many affluent adopters and super-connected bloggers fail to realise is that a younger generation, native to the internet, would feel quite different. To them, social networking technology is fast becoming a default rather than an option.

The article goes on to point out that most Beboers use it not to find new friends, but to keep abreast of those they already know.

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