Day: 7 December 2005

Handbook of enquiry & Problem Based learning

Online book – I’ve not read it yet, but the chapter titles look inviting & Steven’s comments make it sound worth a read:

This comprehensive volume composed of about twenty individual essays not only offers a good grounding in enguiry and problem based learning but looks at them in practice, as each essay contains numerous examples and case studies. If you are interested in either approach to teaching and learning, then this volume is a must-read. Nice to see the free download and Creative Commons license, too.

via Stephen Downes

Explaining and Showing Broad and Narrow Folksonomies

Thomas Vander Wal looks at the idea of a broad folksonomy (e.g. – where lots of people tag things – many using the same tags, some different tags, and a narrow folksonomy (e.g. Flickr), where a single person applies the tags. Ties in well with the work we’ve been doing with the MSc eLearning…

Issues re. Students and blogs.

Student Suspended over Blog Posts A potentially worrying report from Marquette University (US). A student has been suspended for the comments he’s made in a blog. However, if read this report, you’ll see that he’s commented about un-named staff & students, whereas other anonymous students have named staff in their complaints; equally, there must be…