Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

I’ve already mentioned “Writely” though I have to confess that though I’d mentioned it previously, I’d not really tested it. Having read Brian Lamb’s review of it, I thought I’d really better check it out.
I’ve set up an account, and am using it now, hopefully in the process of creating this particular post.

Though it seems to allow images to be posted, I’m not sure how I’d go about then uploading them to my blog. MInd you, as I’ve not quite got the image importing set correctly in WordPress anyway, it’s possible that were I to get that sorted, then I’d be able to add images via Writely.

At present, it’s a useful looking tool.

2 thoughts on “Writely

  1. Well the image did upload, but it was on the Writely server, in the document that I’d used to create this. It’s not possible apparently at the moment to move the images over to here, so I’ve removed it, as it seems a bit unfair to use bandwidth just for a test!

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