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The Weblog handbook

My rating: 4 out of 5

While some of the reviews on Amazon weren’t particularly inspiring, I do like this book. It’s not good if you want a “how to” on aspects of blogging – how to meaning “which code do I use to do italics” or “how to do I create my own WordPress theme”.

However, if your how definition to includes aspects such as “becoming a critical writer” or “how to avoid flames” then it’s got a lot of useful pointers.

Is PowerPoint Evil?

Doug Johnson makes two particularly pertinent points: PowerPoint doesn’t bore people: people bore people and If we are teaching kids how to use this software, it needs to be within the context of good speaking skills, not in a computer class….

Structured Blogging

One of the aspects of Warwick blogs that I particularly liked was the ability to have a number of “templates” to allow users to structure their posts, such as the Book Review posts. Today, in our “research” meeting, we discussed whether or not a blog might be a suitable format for a student to review…


A research service This is a commerical research service. The reason for including it here is that I like the look of the way that they are approaching things. In many ways it’s replicating the sort of approach we might well get the students to take in say, WDIE, but, they don’t all have to…


RedLightGreen — Home This seems like a very useful site! It allows searching of academic books/ research papers etc. Once registered, it’s possible to locate your library & then to link to the library page to check availability of the books etc. When I registered initially, there didn’t seem to be the option to set…

WordPress 1.6 + Flickr

Stephen Downes reports on the upcoming ability of Word Press 1.6 (I’m using 1.5 here) to have easy media integration with Flickr. D’Arcy Norman has screen shots of it in use, and it looks good. Of course, you still have to have the images on Flickr … , but it will be a lot easier…

The Open University moves towards Moodle.

Stephen’s Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~ The Open University Builds Student Online Environment With Moodle and More Yet another mover towards Moodle…….

Personal Learning Environments

Personal Learning Environments are getting closer. Attwell, in the Wales Wide Web, reviews a “Personal Learning Environment” project, which is part of JISCs eLearning project. Essentially, rather than a VLE which ties the learners to a very standardised setup, a PLE would put more of the software required on the learners’ PCs, so that they…

Ivory towers will fall to digital land grab

A new approach to learning?. Bill Gates has visions of a $400 tablet (wonder if that will end up as £400 in the UK …?) He suggests that “Within four or five years, instead of spending money on textbooks,” he is quoted as saying, “they’ll spend a mere $400 or so buying that tablet device…