Month: September 2005

Flickr & Yahoo!

I’ve mentioned in the past that Flickr is one option for including images in blogs. Having just tried to login to it, it seems that it’s now owned by Yahoo! You can combine your Flickr & Yahoo accounts – so it’s a single sign on to both now….

eLearning Design Challenge

ยป eLearning Design Challenge #6 This is now the 6th challenge that has been set, and, I think that it’s an interesting and challenging one. The brief is to design an online learning solution for schools. The topic though is “How to be nice to each other, and it’s to be aimed at teenagers. As…

Teach and Learn Online: Lawsuit against WebCT … it's inaccessible.

Teach and Learn Online: Lawsuit forces Web2 learning strategies A Masters Student in the US has taken his college to court, claiming that WebCT was inaccessible for him, and that it caused him to perform below his best. The Chronicle of Higher Education, which reported on the case, also discusses the difficulty that Web designers…