Day: 3 August 2005

The LA Times Wikitorial fallout

The LA Times Wikitorial fallout The LA Times tried, for a short period to have a Wiki. Following its failure, Ida takes tea, suggested that given the prominence of articles about it in the UK media, then there could be a number of problems: 1. University managers and administrators will be much less likely to…

Web Accessibility Toolbar

Accessible Information Solutions have developed a “Web Accessibility Toolbar” Very useful! I was pointed to this at the HEA conference – and, though it has a slight drawback in that it’s designed for IE, and not firefox, it is useful – and should hopefully make it easier for students to check accessibility of their sites….

Blog a second

Will Richardson quotes the results of a recent study at Technorati , which shows that perhaps 80,000 blogs are created a day. The Technorati report lists the increase in blogging sites, blogging tools, drift to mobile blogs etc. They just look at those blogs that register with Tecnorati (and remove those that appear to be…