Day: 6 May 2005

UoP Blogs

UoP Blogs WOW!! Here was me looking at trying to get a blogging system set up – and Julian emailed this morning to say that there was 1… At the moment though it doesn’t seem to be self registering for posting, and I’m not sure if it’s multiple blogs or a single multiple user blog….


blog@USF The University of South Florida is another Uni offering blogging to all students. The take up has been quite impressive so far, given that not all students can them up. They’ve been using WordPRess 1.2 – with the LDAP authentication that Alistair Young , has written. Eric, the developer has made the code available,…

Just do it … blog it

Just do it … blog it Another review of Warwick Blogs. Sone students are very positive Helen Ryan, a second-year physics student, began blogging in October and is one of the more active users. “When I started I was simply using it to vent about things in my personal life.” Support came from other bloggers…