Day: 9 March 2005

Just Blog it 0.2

I’ve been using Just Blog It for a while now, it’s an extension for Firefox. While it doesn’t seem to be listed on the main Firefox extension sites, there is now a version 2 – which I must have found somewhere – as it’s installed at home. The developers site is Warmbrain – though that’s…

Microsoft Producer

I’ve just been looking for things that will enable us to liven up Powerpoint – and also video lectures. Powerpoint Producer is an add one for Powerpoint, which will allow you to integrate video and a powerpoint – so the video can be a “talking head” or could be other video to support the slides….

The WebLog as the Model for the new VLE

Auricle In February 2004, Auricle initiated a series of articles The Weblog as the Model for a New Type of VLE? Auricle (based at Bath) have been looking in particular at ELGG, a blog type system developed at Edinburgh, which has quite a lot of social interaction type features. They are calling it a “Personal…