Day: 1 March 2005

Open Access to Academic Research

Guardian Unlimited Researchers at Southampton have been looking at open access to published research. “, Prof Harnad’s plan, which has already been put in place at his own university, calls for all academics who have had research papers accepted by journals to place information about the paper – such as its title and author, known…

Space setter

Guardian Unlimited Yet another review of blogs, this time in the Guardian by Mary Branscombe – she’s looking primarily at MSN Spaces. The article then goes on to look at the greater power you could have if you have MS Server 2003 installed – and use SharePoint from that….

COL Learning Object Repository

The Commonwealth of Learning an organisation based in Canada focussing on learning within the Commonwealth, has just opened this LO repository of materials from across the commonwealth. A number of online databases of learning content – or Learning Object Repositories – have been created around the world including CAREO, MERLOT and EdNA. COL has worked…