Day: 22 February 2005

Multi User Weblogging

incorporated subversion ? Multi User Weblogging An overview of multiuser tools. The blog reviewing them, incorporated subversion, is described by the author … I’ve been writing here (or hereabouts) since March 2003 and you can generally expect to find me rattling on about technology, communications, training, design, education, social software, open sourcing, pedagogy and everything…

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology This seems to be a pretty comprehensive site. According to the home page: The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (EET) is a collection of short multimedia articles on a variety of topics related to the fields of instructional design and education and training. The primary audiences for the EET are students and…


Well I’ve been through most of the posts now, and done some preliminary categorising. I’m not 100% sure that I’ve got it quite right, it’s trying to get the balance between not too many categories, and not having them too broad….