Day: 16 February 2005


I’ve just found another program put together by Marumushi – who have done FlickrGraph, which I’ve already mentioned. This one is NewsMap – which shows different news items round the world. It’s presented in a different manner than FlickrGraph – and worth a look….

lecture from hell

jill/txt lecture from hell Well I’ve not had anything quite that bad! THough just hoping that I won’t have something like that on Friday – let’s hope that we have got the software sorted for the DISIP tutorial though….

The VLE of the Future.

Scott Wilson (from CETIS) has an overview of what he sees as being the VLE of the future … he feels that The VLE of the future will look less like a Content Management System or Intranet, and more like a cross between Shrook, SubEthaEdit,XJournal, iChat, iCal, and iTunes (well, on a Mac at least)….

Network EducationWare – Open Source Synchronous A/V Conferencing Software

Scott Leslie – who runs EdTechPost, is very impressed with Network EducationWare, an open source conferencing system developed by George Mason University. It includes the ability to share slides etc for a presentation, a text based chat, and a whiteboard. There is audio – both to record in advance with the slides, or for an…


Fangs is a Firefox extension that will let you see a visual representation of a web page – structured as a screen reader for visually impaired users would hear the information. It’s still in beta, so there are a few issues. It’s a lot cheaper than buying JAWS, the most used screen reader, but it…

MetaData for Education – FAQ

CETIS have launched a Wiki to cover Educational aspects of Metadata.They state: This Metadata FAQ has been developed collaboratively during 2004 by participants from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee and other organisations including CanCore, ADL, JES and Co and CETIS. This FAQ provides guidelines…

Academics give lessons on blogs

A report on the BBc site looks at blogging in academia. Blogging lecturers say the technology provides them with easy online web access to students and improves communication outside of the classroom.They mention the same History PhD student who was mentioned in a similar article in the Guardian, back in October. They also look at…


Flickr is an online photo storage service that works with Blogs (it’s the one that I used to include the MSc team photo). Flickrgraph is a service that creates social graphs of photos from members photos. This example is from someone who has a lot of photos. YOu can also use the “Who’s online” options…