Terry and I did a short presentation (cut a little shorter by the fact that the Network wouldn’t let me log on), about blogs.

The material that we used is http://userweb.port.ac.uk/staffweb/duke-wie/T&L/BFAR2.html (if you would rather have a less scrolling and smaller writing, then http://userweb.port.ac.uk/staffweb/duke-wie/T&L/60/BFAR2.html). I’ve also uploaded a Word Doc, which has all of the sites that we looked at in the presentation (apart from the random blogs we found by clicking on “Next Blog” in the top right of a blog).

We created a blog during the presentation – which we have invited participants at that presentation to join as a group blog, should they wish to have a go. Since then, Colin White from Sports Science has told me about the Blog that he’s created for his Sport Science students.

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