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Blogging ln Learning

Blogging in learning is a presentation put together by Steven Downes. It’s predominantly a set of links to other sites – covering both the practical side of setting things up – and the more theoretical side of using them in the classroom….

The Write Weblog: Blog! Blog!

The Write Weblog: Blog! Blog!This is a post from a blog maintained by an Elementary school teacher – and her 5th grade class. The reason for putting it in here, was I rather liked the children’s pictures of blogging, which you can see in the photo album in the right hand bar. On the left…

Teaching and Learning Conference 2004

Terry and I did a short presentation (cut a little shorter by the fact that the Network wouldn’t let me log on), about blogs. The material that we used is (if you would rather have a less scrolling and smaller writing, then I’ve also uploaded a Word Doc, which has all of the…