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At the moment I am looking at other blogging software. Most of those that I’m looking at require hosting on a server, though quite a few are open source software, so once you have the server space, that’s it as far as cost goes.

Word Press

I’m quite impressed with Word Press. It has a nice clean looking interface. Like several other packages it supports,

pingback 1.0 which effectively allows you to see links from other blogs to yours. It also supports trackback , which seems to be another way of telling who is quoting you.

However, 1 draw back seems to be the fact that while you can have more than 1 author, and they can have different priviledge levels, it’s not possible to have more than 1 blog.


This seems to offer the ability to have more than 1 blog, with separate authors. They can also have linked blogs, consolidating several other blogs. However, I’m not so keen on the appearance, though I know that they can all be customised.

Like WordPress, it offers Pingback & trackback, and also the ability to categorise posts.


This is another similar offering. It too allows for multiple authors, and multiple blogs, and would seem to allow 1 or more authors to work on 1 or more blogs. Again, it allows the categorisation of posts. It seems that Nucleus can allow bookmarklets – rather like the Blogthis tool – and also allows posting from wBloggar.

It’s quite likely that each has features I’ve not yet found, as I’m really only investigating at present!

Moving on, we could look at a full content management system, which would offer the ability to have (multiple) blogs – and a host of other things as well.

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