I’ve just been experimenting with putting a RSS (Rich Site Summary, or RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication – depends on who you ask!) feed onto my site. It’s taken from the Edu RSS at Stephen Downes’ site.

There is more about RSS and some of its potential uses at http://www.mnot.net/rss/tutorial/

My original plan had been to put it in the side bar – rather than at the top – however the code that I got had a width of 629 – and a height of 13 – which meant that it was vanishing off the side of the page. I tried making it 30 high, and 200 wide, in the hope (vain) that it would know how to word wrap. I also tried reducing the width and putting scrolling from “no” to “yes” – but it didn’t scroll.

So it’s at the top, until I discover a way of formatting it to two/three lines.

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