Research about Wikipedia…

Students often ask about using Wikipedia for research – or, rather, some use it exclusively & then get upset when we ask for other sources. Others are too scared to use it! I often point out that it can be a legitimate source – especially if it is research about wikipedia. There’s a lot of it about … and a fair bit is, as you might expect listed on Wikipedia

Includes material that’s not in English.


I’ve just had Mendeley_com start to follow me on Twitter. Not quite sure how they found me, but Mendeley itself claims to be social software for managing & storing research papers. In itself, perhaps it’s not that new, there are other academically slanted social bookmarking etc., tools (e.g. Connotea, Scholar [which can be integrated with Blackboard, which may make it less useful for researchers, but potentially more useful for student researchers] or CiteUlike).
The guys (and they do all seem to be guys) who’ve set this up seem to primarily be UK based (so a little interesting to see how few UK researchers have registered so far.) They say that they’re trying to work with some of the founders of Skype & – who clearly were good at getting networks working.
I’ll register.