Who's following who?

I’ve read a few posts recently in the blogosphere (such as this one by Mike Arsenault) about “twitter snobs” – and basically whether one should, or shouldn’t, automatically follow everyone who follows you.

As with so many things, some people will argue vehemently that their way is “right”; others will be more pragmatic – explaining why they’ve got the approach they have & why they realise others have different views. 

My personal view is to look (periodically) at new followers & decide on an individual basis. The most recent person to follow me, well, I’m trying to work out her strategy of following. She’s only following me & Ellen Degeneres; she’s only made 1 update & hasn’t got a profile. I don’t think I know her (she’s from Colarado for starters); however, as she said in that one update she’s looking at using Twitter with her (doctoral) students, and given that she has selected me to follow, I decided to follow her back. 

(Most people who follow me & only have 1 update are either gloating about the fact they’ve got a laptop for free [I ignore them] – or someone I’ve encouraged to have a look – & I generally know them for real. [Tend to follow them!)